coherent care services

For most of us Health is an all or nothing issue. Generally it’s not something we do much about until a diagnosis or other lifestyle event triggers a need for information and support, …and then where do we go?

Globally there are nearly 60,000 sites addressing health issues The majority are small, single issue sites, collectively addressing every  imaginable aspect of health, often incorporating innovative applications or services; but individually difficult to find and generating little apparent traction; so that even attractive sites like Children First  rank only 36,120 in the UK..

As we said in our recent proposal to the Technology Strategy Board, the issue for most users and service providers is not whether enough technology and content exists, but how it can be made available in a coherent, integrated form to provide a complete support environment, aligning the user with public, private and voluntary partnerships and ensembles of existing technologies to create new personal and organisational value chains.

Peter Jackson

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